Spins and Components Workshop: August 22-23, 2020


You’re invited to the Midwest Figure Skating Council’s Spins and Components Workshop at Line Creek! Here’s the link to sign up:


Coaching Bios

The coaches are Ryan Janke and Kim Ryan Lewis.

Ryan’s mission as a coach is to instill greatness and search for excellence every day in every skater.He seeks to maximize each skater’s God-given abilities with whatever resources are available in this pursuit. He wants the skaters he works with to be champions in sport and in life. Ryan began coaching during his successful competitive skating career where he spent 10 years on the U.S. Figure Skating Team and placed at the U.S. National Championships 7 times.He now holds a Professional Skaters Association Master Rating in both Freestyle and Moves in the Field.Besides those two specialties, Ryan also works extensively to choreograph programs and develop skating skills. He has had students medal at Junior Nationals as well as compete at the U.S. National Championships.Ryan lives in Colorado Springs with his beautiful bride Tashiana and their three children, Zayin (6), Jassa (4), and Selah (2).

Kim Ryan has been coaching figure skaters in the Pacific Northwest and across the country for morethan 40 years. A former competitive skater herself, Kim trained under ​John Nicks​ – renowned coachof Olympic skaters such as Ashley Wagner, Sasha Cohen and Tai Babilonia and Randy Gardner.Kim has competed at the national as well as regional level and she understands the commitmentand dedication required to achieve your figure skating goals.In 2005, after many years of teaching all elements of a balanced program, Kim decided to focus herskills on the discipline that had always been at the core of her strength as a coach and createdSpinergy​ – a focused and energized approach to both the art and mechanics of spinning.Kim’s instructional style embodies her philosophy of providing an energetic and supportiveenvironment where students can learn dynamic new spin techniques. Through collaboration withpartnering freestyle coaches and clubs, Spinergy complements the skaters overall training program..Although based in the Pacific Northwest, Kim uses the technology of ​FaceTime​ video chat to instructstudents around the globe. She also provides private lessons and Spinergy seminars at local rinksand in other locations by prior arrangement (learn more)

Kim’s Credentials: Coached Regional, Sectional, Jr. National, and International competitors●Coached through Senior test levels of Figures , Freestyle and Moves in the Field●Member of USFSA, PSA and ISI●PSA rated●2016 PSA Presentor●Nominated for PSA Coach of the Year 2015