Testing with the Wichita Figure Skating Club

The Wichita Figure Skating Club holds test sessions throughout the year.

Most often, the tests that offered include Preliminary Dance through International Dance, Pre-Preliminary Field Moves through Senior Field Moves and Pre-Preliminary Free Style through Senior Free Style.

If you would like to test, discuss this with your coach and get their approval. If you have any questions contact Bob Boroughs at 721-3558 or email at RBoroughs@aol.com. Sign-ups are generally through EntryEeze.

We allow both members and non-members to test on our test sessions.

The next test session is Sunday, March 29. Stay tuned for more info.

2020 Test Dates

These are the test dates for 2020. Please check back here for the link to register. Thank you!

  • March 29
  • June 14
  • August 7 (before Mid-Continent)
  • December 6