Dillons Fundraiser

Hello WFSC members,

We have two messages regarding the Dillons Fundraiser. The first is a reminder about the funds you raised during the 4th quarter of 2015. Scroll down to read the second, which is an important “re-enrollment update from Dillons. If you are not currently enrolled in the DillonsFundraiser and shop at Dillons, it is an easy way to earn funds to support your skater and skating in Wichita. The enrollment is fast and, dare I say, painless.
Thank you!
Anne Dewvall
WFSC Secretary
Hi Skaters and Members,
The 4th Quarter for 2015, has ended and your Dillons Statements should be ready.  If you are participating in this fundraiser please forward your report to me.  Please make sure what you forward (i.e., screen shot or report) shows your name, so WFSC has a record indicating that the correct skater received their funds.  If you need help printing your report please contact Tinka Davis tinkadavis@msn.com.
Any funds that are unclaimed by 3/31/16 will be donated to the Club.  Please note this is not the Club’s preference, it is DillonsDillonswill only provide a report for the quarter that just ended.  They do not store any history, and these reports cannot be printed later.  In addition, the report can only be printed by you.  Dillons does not provide the Club with a report, nor do they tell us who is donating to WFSC.
Deana Harris
WFSC Treasurer



Dear Community Rewards Member,


We have an update on the re-enrollment process for supporters of your Organization.


An email will be sent out sometime today to all customers enrolled in Community Rewards who have opted-in to receive digital communications.  There are a couple of benefits to using the email to fulfill the re-enrollment process.


a)     The email gives the customer two choices, either “Keep Current Organization” or “Edit Current Organization” by selecting the appropriate box in the email.


b)     Their selection will be saved until the new cycle begins on January 6th, 2016 eliminating the need visit our website after the first of the year.


c)      The customer is not required to log-in to their digital account to make this selection, because the email is being delivered to the address they supplied when they created their digital account.


We have only been made aware of the specifics of this email recently, but we hope that this will help your supporters out in the re-enrollment process this year.


Please feel free to contact Karen Chadd with any questions at 620-669-3252 or by email atdcr@dillonstores.com.  Thank you again for your participation, and we look forward to another fruitful year in 2016!



The Dillons Community Rewards Team