Figure Skating Injury Prevention and Training Progression Clinic

We’re excited to announce a special off-ice clinic the Wichita Figure Skating Club has coordinated with Harter Physical Therapy designed specifically for figure skaters. The clinic focuses on injury prevention for figure skaters and implementing proper training techniques and off-ice exercises to help a skater stay strong and injury-free. There are beginner and advanced sessions tailored to the unique needs of skaters at different levels.

The attached Injury Prevention Brochure shares all the details, but we encourage you to decide quickly – the deadline to reserve your spot with Harter and book your pre-screening is Friday September 25. The clinic fee can be paid in two parts; $50 due at registration, and $25 due at the time of the screening. You must register with Harter PT and make your payment through them.
The clinic has 3 parts all for only $75:
  • a pre-screening held before the clinic to assess your skater’s physical abilities
  • October 10 clinic session
  • October 24 clinic session
ALL SKATERS OF ALL AGES AND ABILITIES are welcome to attend the clinic, but WFSC members are eligible to receive a $10 reimbursement from the WFSC, payable on the day of the first clinic*.
*$10 per WFSC member