Competition Entries Up From Previous Years

Entries for the Mid-Continent Classic hosted by the Wichita Figure Skating Club are up this year with the highest number of starts in the last five years.

As of midnight on July 23, the total number of skaters for the 2015 Mid-Continent Classic at¬†124, up from the previous year’s total of 84 skaters. The total number of starts is around 290 in 91 events.

The exact reason for the increase in entries is unknown, but some speculate the reason could be due to Mid-Continent’s inclusion in the National Solo Dance ¬†Series. Other speculate that lower gas prices and increased economic recovery may also play a factor. Either way, there is growth seen in every event and that is good sign for local figure skating.

The number of starts per skater is also on the rise, with an average of 2.35 starts/skater, slightly up from last year’s average of 2.20.

Currently, the Mid-Continent Classic is a two-day competition with events on Saturday and Sunday, though there is talks of adding events on Friday afternoon in future years if competition entries continue to increase.

The 2015 Mid-Continent Classic will take place August 8-9 at the Wichita Ice Center. More information is available here.