FY 2014 Year in Review

As 2014 Fiscal Year draws to a close, the Board of the Wichita Figure Skating Club would like to take the time to summarize some of the exciting and important news from the past year.


Wichita FSC held several fundraisers over the past year with the help of several business including Rusty Eck, Amazon, Il Vicino, and Dillons. Fundraising through WFSC is a great opportunity for skaters, as half of the funds that each skater raises goes to a personal spending account for the skater to use on approved expenses, such as membership dues, club jackets, or testing fees. The remainder, of course, goes to the club to fund club expenses, clinics, stipends, and competitions.

The Wichita Figure Skating Club would love to thank all skaters who participated and the business who helped out.


As usual, the Wichita Figure Skating Club will be hosting the yearly Mid-Continent Classic on August 9 (more information available here). The Mid-Continent Classic will attract many skaters from the region to compete in several events of different levels, including dance, freestyle, and artistic events.

The Wichita Figure Skating Club, in association with the Wichita Sports Commission submitted a bid to the US Figure Skating to host the 2017 Midwest and Pacific Coast Synchronized Sectional Championships. Though Wichita did not win the bid this year, US Figure Skating expressed that they were “impressed with the overall bid package” and strongly urged Wichita FSC to bid again in the future. Additionally, the process of building the bid packaged strengthened the relationship between WFSC and the Wichita Sports Commission.

Members of the Wichita Figure Skating Club also assisted in several local Basic Skills Competitions hosted by the Wichita Ice Center. Additionally, Wichita FSC helped with the Best of the Midwest Synchro Competition in partnership with the Midwest Figure Skating Council.


The Wichita FSC hosted a swim party for skaters this past summer, and will host one again this month, details will be available later.

The Wichita Ice Center produced the annual Holiday Ice Show last December and showcased many Basic Skills and Wichita FSC skaters. Several members of the Wichita Figure Skating Club assisted on the technical side by operating lights, assisting in the dressing rooms, and helping with the set-up and tear-down processes. The Club also hosted lunch during the practices for the show.


The Wichita Figure Skating Club provides several benefits to members, and this past year was no exception.

Several Test Session were held in Wichita throughout the the year. Through arrangements made with the Wichita Ice Center and due to the several judges who are members of the club, the Wichita FSC remains able to provide the lowest prices in the region for tests. Additionally, the Wichita FSC maintains a testing fund to pay for high level judges for advanced tests. This allows club skaters to test at any level and not deal with the financial hardship of paying for a judges travel or lodging.

Another test session is scheduled for July 19, with applications due July 6.

The Wichita Figure Skating Club has stipend program to assist  active skaters with certain expenses. Every skater that applied in Fiscal Year 2014 was awarded a stipend.


Figure Skating is still going strong in Wichita, Kansas, and the Wichita Figure Skating Club is looking forward to a productive 2015!